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During this long-awaited campaign to elect our new president, I was astonished to see Americans finally banning together to embrace a man who not only exudes confidence, but compassion. Despite the many other African Americans who feverishly attempted to gain recognition in a country torn by racism, it’s apparent many of us have overcome the fear of being different, and have allowed the love of God to raise up a king who will initiate the true essence of unity.

This is a significant moment in time all Americans must witness. Not only have we brought Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream into our own reality, we have built an alliance of faith … stronger than any bond we as a people have ever known. I am honored to see our new president stand tall in his statue and speak with such eloquence. This great triumph gives all young Americans the will to continue moving forward in their stride to become more than they could ever imagine.

It is by the will of God that we have been blessed to witness such a glorious time in history. My only prayer through all of our struggles is that we can finally unite and begin rebuilding a nation of able-bodied citizens who not only have the power to love, but possess the desire to learn all that there is to learn in this lifetime.

The joy this celebration brings filled my eyes with tears of joy … a joy I never really knew. Thank God for this beautiful blessing His spirit has bestowed upon us through our beloved brother, Barack Obama. A special thank you is extended to all Americans who embraced Barack Obama … it is the power of love that helped bring this dream into fruition.



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