The New Cool: Going Green

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Living in the hot age, doing your part to step it up to prevent global warming doesn’t mean you have to give up living the good life. From the latest epicurean treats to fancy runway threads turned street smart, The New Cool will give you the heads up on the latest trends in Conscious Living.

Think solar and wind power, not coal. Think glaciers, not tsunamis. Slow food versus fast food. And think Levi’s Eco-Couture boot cut jeans as an eco-friendly alternative to Juicy Couture. Think gorgeous and green. In other words, think of cool as the new hot. Hot is out, cool is in. Try some of Bi’s favorite things and make living in the hot age, uber-cool.

Bi’s Cool List


1. Gas-Guzzling Hum-V

2. Classic Chanel

3. Pinot Noir

4. EGO

5. Chai Latte

6. Ostrich Skin

7. Hardwood Floors

8. The Red Carpet

9. Fast Food

10. Secret Deodorant (full of toxins)



1. The Tesla Electric Sports Car (in Candy Apple Red, of course)

2. Linda Loudermilk Eco-Couture

3. Organic Cabernet


5. Green Tea Soy Latte

6. Faux Snakeskin

7. Bamboo Floors

8. The Green Carpet

9. Slow Food

10. Benedetta Organic Deodorant with essential oils

By Bianca Alexander

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