New Orleans, Violence

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With all the recent murders in New Orleans, I’m happy to say that none involved me thus far. New Orleans is so violent we even call our houses “shotguns”. We also have bread called pistol-letts. Criminals are always going down to the French Quarter for beignets (donuts) because they put “powder” on them and they think they can make bullets with “powdered sugar”. I recently witnessed a drive-by bank holdup. The criminal put the gun in the tube and sent it to the teller and said over the speaker, “Don’t do anything stupid.” The teller said she needed to see his driver’s license since he didn’t have an account. He asked, “then can I open one up with the money I’m stealing”, “I’m tired of writing bad checks”. I witnessed some crooks stealing tires off a car. They were letting all the air out and I had to ask why. They said, “Each tire have thirty-five pounds of air and they too heavy to carry. Just a small first entry …


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