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Newt Bitten at Zoo by Penguin (Oh My! Oh No!)

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I’m not really one to throw stones at glass houses … NOT! So of course when Redneck and I are talking politics, we get into some heated debates. Well, okay, we’re not giving up our political standings, but I refuse to vote for someone who is a Newt (slimy creepy creature). Truly the dude is annoying and arrogant.

So to my delight dismay when I heard he was bitten at the zoo by a penguin, I thought it was snarkily funny. Funnier yet? It was in St. Louis over thar yonder where Redneck haunts. I don’t even want to go on about our escapade when I was there. It did involve the zoo, and her being a redneck is all I can say. We still mention it and giggles take over.

So here I am, being non-judgmental on my soap box when my mama informed me that I wouldn’t say that because I didn’t judge people. That there truly is no one I hate. My mother has been snowballed by Winter (me). Seriously, even our readers are holding their bellies and laughing over this.

Back to Newt, who the hell names their kid after a slimy salamander? I know his name is probably Newton (I’m not looking it up), but when I was naming my kids I went through every possible nickname and naughty word before I saddled them with what we call them. Ian Pee’in did slip by me though, and he’s never going to let me forget it.

Okay, why wasn’t the penguin picture posted? I know there must be one. The only reason I could think of is the level the penguin and where it struck!


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