Nigerian Soldiers on a Peacekeeping Mission

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I wonder why some people take joy in maiming and killing innocent souls. I so touched me this morning when I read of the killing of a 102 years old great grandfather in Rivers State over the weekend by Nigerian soldiers on a peacekeeping mission.

I saw photos of dead babies and children. I saw bleeding women. All of them touched my soul, but the killing of GreatGrandPa Ziten Juweigha, and the oldest man in Gbaramatu Kingdom. The story published by The Daily Sun has it that the old man had fled Oporoza, his hometown, during the initial raid on the community two days earlier, and had sought refuge at Dabiogbene, a fishing camp close to Benikurukuru where he met his death on Sunday.

He was killed by “an unknown soldier”—a popular parlance in Nigeria.

Killing innocent civilians would not solve the problem in the Niger Delta, where the people continue to live in poverty and deprivation despite multinational oil and gas companies operating in their farmlands and fishing creeks.

Violence only begets violence.

May GreatGrandPa Juweigha’s soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercies of Christ rest in peace. Amen.


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