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The Night Passing Beyond

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We’re stricken with starvation; encased by a dome of poverty.

We’re disgruntled with political folly …

authorities abuse the system, all laid back and jolly.

We need to give them a reason to worry …

we’ll be glad to answer their query.

The solution is simple …

rid ourselves of such dribble;

the fanatic’s bothersome ripple;

the politician’s loathsome quibble.

We’ve been mislead by

visions of grandeur racing through our head.

We’re clinging together, grasping for golden images made of lead.

In the end, it’s gonna kill us dead.

Human fallacies pulse like a cosmic quasar beam,

banding together to catch twilight’s last dream.

’Tis another night that won’t last …

as for all things come to past.

’Tis true … time is nearing dawn.

People, dear people!

The night is passing beyond.


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