Obama to Blame for Black/White Issue?

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Ok peeps, huddle up. Are you seriously going to tell me that Obama is responsible for fixing what is black and white broken in America because … he’s black? I did not elect him head of the NAACP. I did not elect him head of Moms Against Black Bigotry. And, I did not elect him head of Black People Should Stop Getting a Leg Up, Inc. I elected him President of my United States, and I voted for him not because he’s a man of color, but because I was terrified that Sarah Palin would become President, I don’t trust John McCain, and I think Obama appeared really smart. It might have even been in that exact order of reason. I have come to realize that he might be too smart to be a good President—too cerebral—but that’s another blog and has no place in today’s missive. The bottom line is he is very busy and doesn’t have time for the black and white thing right now. Our country and the world are falling apart, so I have other things to lay upon his blame doorstep.

That said, I love placing blame. I blame my ancestors who came over with strong thighs and severe lips (I’ve seen pictures) for the fact that my mouth now purses in ways that make me look mean. I sometimes sit in meetings either covering my mouth, or worse, practicing half smiles so people won’t think I’m irritated or bored, which I mostly am. So, that’s another issue regarding authenticity which we will not deal with today.

You need to go beneath the surface on things. George Soros was born a Jew in Budapest, Hungary. I remember him telling me that during the war his father told him that nothing is as it appears. If someone told him it was a nice day, you should look up and see if the sky was blue. That’s why his father had the family meet in the baths of Budapest; who would look for Jews in the baths of Budapest where risk of circumcised exposure was so great? Safest place in Hungary. And his theories on investing deal with the follow up repercussion for something, not the immediate response to something. He’s a behind the scenes kind of guy.

I remember looking beneath the surface of OJ’s guilt in the trial. Turns out that when he pleaded guilty to abuse years before he killed Nicole, the judge was so enamoured with having him in his courtroom that he waived the mandatory attendance for people pleading guilty to an anger management class. The course supposedly had an 80% success rate. So, actually, we could blame him for Nicole’s demise. And, I guess mandatory means everyone except OJ?

Then there is Judge Robert’s role in Iraq. Making Mr. Bush president when he didn’t win the election put a man in power who started an unnecessary war to prove a point to his father. So if you want to look beneath the surface there, we can wonder how Roberts sleeps at night knowing he set up a son’s need to show daddy how to invade Iraq when the man was never elected. I’m just saying.

So, the convoluted (will I ever be direct?) point is that who the hell cares who’s to blame? I don’t give a good God Damn. The real blame goes back centuries. What I do care about is that it’s still out there. Blaming changes nothing, so can we please move the dialog to something important like the fact that a Senator actually called the warmest June in the history of the world cold, and he will likely get re-elected? Can we please talk about our messed up economy? Can we please fix Afghanistan before I have to go over and do it myself?

And, if the black/white thing needs to be fixed, fix it. Quit trying to blame anyone and focus on how to get it done. It’s here. It’s been here for centuries, and we need to stop caring about the color of the skin and go to the content of the character. And, speaking of character, seems like it’s sorely lacking in the media and government. But, that’s another blog. So many blogs, so little time.


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