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Observations from the Weird Side

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Well, it’s been a week since the Kentucky Derby and Eight Belles was murdered in the middle of the track by the powers that be.  Did he say murdered? Y’all ask. YES  …  I DID!  Let me state for the record right here, right friggin’ now, I am a champion of animal rights and if ya got a problem with that  …  sorry!  …  and then again  …  I’m NOT SORRY!  You SHOULD BE!

“Why do you say she was murdered?” You inquire  …   “Because she came in second … ” I growl back at you.

Now, let me tackle THAT aspect of the Debacle in Louisville, then I’ll get on to ANOTHER one  …  Remember Barbaro, he was treated for months on end for an injury that could have potentially caused his death at human hands, but did they kill him? NOOOOOOOO! So, they take a winner and do everything possible to save him and it works, and I sure DO NOT have a problem with that, but the filly Eight Belles came in SECOND, breaks down and is immediately whacked  …  pretty cold blooded if you ask me.

Now, before you lurch off to the kitchen to swill down another shot of Jeremiah B. Frogg’s rotgut liquor, listen up! WE, that’s us, the so called SOCIETY are judged by how we treat our critters and our elderly and ya know what? as a friggin’ whole, we are lower than the bottom rung of the proverbial ladder  …  the mindset is to eliminate so called losers and the mindset is to warehouse our elderly.

I’ve been around a helluva lotta years and the more I see of people, the more I want to stay closer and closer to the farm, at least here, I can think deeper and enjoy the less than chaotic life that others seem to thrive on in the hives known as cities.

If ya don’t believe the words that I have written about coming in second, just go out behind the dog tracks in Fla and Arizona after hours and count the greyhound carcasses in the damn dumpsters. Another thing, while I’m on this particular rant, and this does go hand in hand … Mom or Dad or your old weird aunt Bertha contracts Alzheimers and whaddaya do? … ya stick her in the jolly old warehouse that is disguised as a ‘Care Facility’ … uhuh … yeahhhhh, that’s the ticket … hide him or her away because : A.You don’t have the time to care for him/her. B. You’re ashamed to have him/her seen by ‘normal’ people.  C. You this, You that, You the other thing .

Just convenient excuses, like dog and horse owners have the same convenient excuses why they don’t have room for a second best.

Now that I have that particular rant out of the way, let me move on to something else in the same vein … Good Ol’ Hillary sent Chelsea … uh … you remember Chelsea dontcha? That ugly little girl that bounced around the WH while Bill and Hillary were making a mockery of the WH? Anyway, Moms gives Chelsea some bucks and she bets on Eight Belles, Eight Belles comes in second, is this a portent of things to come? And that begs another question … should Hillary be put down if she comes in second, I mean … seeing as how she IS a broken down old hag that is so crooked, she has to screw her pantyhose on, and that begs another question, if she is NOT selected for the Democrat will they have to drag her kicking and screaming from the convention hall.

What about poor old Bill? … Don’t believe for one minute that he actually wants to see HER in the seat he once sat in … NOOOOOOOOOOO! The ONLY two reasons he’s campaigning so hard for her is … he doesn’t want her to beat the hell outta him if she loses, because she cannot grasp the fact that she is NOT Prez material, and I’m NOT saying it’s NOT time for a change in the hierarchy, it IS, but she’s NOT the one to effect that change, and Bill also knows that if by some ungodly stroke of lightning luck she does get the Prez seat, he’ll be able to get right back up to his old shenanigans … not that he ever stopped … but it IS a target rich environment.

What about John McCain? yeah.yeah.yeah … he’s a war hero and I am NOT taking that away from him, for obvious reasons if you have read my Scarred article, but this joker wants us to stay in Iraq for a ‘hundred years’ IF necessary. The war in IRAQ is NOT about freedom and democracy, it’s about the oil beneath the sands of that particular part of the worlds geography, who controls the oil, controls the world and just look at the egomaniacal people we have to choose from, and I’m NOT leaving Obama out, I just haven’t gotten to him YET.

Barack Obama … when I first heard that name I went HUH? Who?, and at THAT moment I thought he was a crazy like Al or Jesse, but as time went on I followed what Barack was doing and thought he just might have a shot, then along came Rev. Wright and the fallout was tremendous, but what appalled me was Obama turned his back on his pastor … my corollary is … IF he can DO THAT, how friggin’ quick will he bail on the American Public as a whole?

In case you didn’t know, DC IS all about money, power and sex. If ya gots the money, ya gots the power and if ya gots the power, ya gots the sex.

BUT, in Hillary’s case if she gets the seat, I’m not sure any self respecting male would touch that with a ten foot pole, but I guess self respecting are the key words there. Now that I have run out of steam, for the moment at least, I’ll get out of here and let ya peer owlishly at this article, I have work to do.


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