One Struggle, One Fight

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Today marks the beginning of the five-day long march from Berkeley to Sacramento in an effort to repeal Proposition 8. One Struggle, One Fight, a beloved community that stands for equality, has organized this march to affect change in California’s Supreme Court and connect with communities along the way.

I believe that gay rights are important because every single one of us lives in the United States of America. United is the key word there. We need to respect and support each other despite our differences, especially in tough times like these.

I feel very passionately about this, and I’m not in a homosexual relationship looking to marry. I’m not even in a homosexual relationship. However, I see the hatred and the inequality (in America, of all countries!), and it breaks my heart. I’ve heard stories about those who’ve been scared for their lives, killed themselves, or been beaten for their sexuality. I see this beautiful nation being destroyed and becoming the Separated States of America.

These superiority complexes will push us over the edge, economically and socially, and we’ll keep falling until none of us can pick ourselves back up. It’s not just about gay rights! It’s about accepting someone different than yourself in the way that you would want someone to accept you. It’s about people being able to respect others despite who they have sex with, the color of their skin, or how much money they make.

When I look into someone’s eyes, their outer appearance fades away. It’s once we can look past that shell and into the real person that we will all be able to coexist peacefully and save our nation.

To find out more, please visit One Struggle, One Fight


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