An Open Letter to John McCain

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Dear John,

Along with everyone else, I admired your “country first” idealism, the unbelievable courage you displayed years ago, but I don’t know who you are anymore. You’re not the first guy to go for a younger woman, but you’ve lost my trust by picking an arm candy vice-president. Sure, she’s attractive, but the prospect of her being second, let alone first, in command is terrifying. Team Maverick may have a better shot at winning, but even you can’t claim this is a “country-first” selection. How could you do this, John? Don’t we deserve better?

And what statement were you making last night by refusing to look at Barack Obama? You appeared as allergic to him as you seem to be to Cindy. Though your wife is always at your side, you look at her only when necessary and seem to despise her. You interact more like a patient and hired attendant than a married couple.

There was all that last-minute waffling about whether or not you’d turn up at the debate. Believing you were determined to stand up the country, my husband and I went to see Enter Laughing, which is why we woke up this morning feeling more uplifted and optimistic than those who’d been watching you.

The musical provided a refreshing break from the agony of our country’s troubles. You enter, exit, and even wake up the next morning laughing. I know you’re busy, John, but I urge you to see it. Maybe it’ll remind you what things used to be like … including you.


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