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I can think of few things that throw me into a rabid dissertation like ‘the other woman’ scandals. And here is yet another.

Our revered CIA Director, General David Petraeus, another victim of RDS (restless dick syndrome) will rise above and probably run for public office; check under the bus and you’ll find Paula Broadwell.

There is no masculine word counter-part for ‘mistress’ and I’m wondering why the National Organization for Women hasn’t offered one up to the Urban Dictionary. You won’t see anyone from NOW offering Paula a leg-up, a publicist, or a crisis management team either.

What better example than Bill Clinton, who has never been more loved, yet Monica Lewinsky, in spite of her degree from the London School of Economics, can’t find a job.

The expectation is that women are smarter and should know better. The ‘smarter’ doesn’t parallel equal pay, yet the assumption is that ‘smarter’ includes the ability to fend off the advances of a powerful, ego driven, sexually charged man. Is the conjecture that ‘smart’ women have no sex drive? Or should all that smartness endow the divine feminine with the ability to harness their libido? His hungry ego is perceived as a powerful thing; hers a weakness that’s unforgiveable. Being approached by a powerful man is a potent aphrodisiac, make no mistake. Why does her ego need less feeding than his?

Granted, there are big issues here. National security and its relation to pillow talk. Who knew and when and why it didn’t come out until after the election… Bengazi and more.

But as a woman, the thing that chaps my rear the most is that all the men titter behind their hands and pat old David on the back, congratulating his assuredly stiff salute at age 60. They retreat for a time, but not before whispering a promise of his bright tomorrow on the horizon.Down the block, the ‘other woman’ is abandoned by her own tribe, and rebuked for not knowing any better. I’m sure Ms. Broadwell’s book “All In” will sell off the charts, but I’ll bet that will be cold comfort at best. A few old pervs might offer their services; a jarring reality.

Where’s The Justice in a society that ignores sexual equality in this fashion? There is plenty of blame to pass around. My point is, blame each party equally. And allow each party to come back… equally.

This, my friends, is the REAL war on women. Believe it.


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