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Our Dear President

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There seems to be an overwhelming amount of liberals on this site, and that’s just fine because that is what makes America great. But to all of you who show a great lack of support in our current president, you should be ashamed. Not for your opposing viewpoints, but for your constant jabs that don’t even touch on the political aspect of his work. Calling him stupid and saying that he cannot read or change a light bulb? 

I’m sorry, but when I criticize Barack Obama, I do say, “He will be our president, however …” Maybe you could try doing this, as I often gain respect from others and I am often allowed to say my piece. 

Despite what you may think of his views, you need to look at when our country really took a turn for the worse: in 2006, when Congress turned to a Democratic majority. It is my belief that the country was in worse shape after that event, and you know something? It still is! Not because of President Bush, but of the liberal Congress. 

President George W. Bush also did not ruin our economy; last I checked, we do not live in a communist nation where the leader has direct effect on the economy. Sorry, but that’s the way it is. 

I am, and always will be, an unapologetic supporter of President George W. Bush.


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