Our Nation's Expired Constitution and the Gay Civil Rights Movement

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The United States has been a powerhouse when it comes to developed countries, but in the 21st Century, with developing technology, changing opinions, and competition from other leading countries, the U.S. is falling behind. Presently, the United States’ 300-year-old Constitution is outdated. It no longer contains an expansive basis for society to follow when it comes to certain issues such as immigration, economic problems, and a corrupted justice system. The document does not hold answers when it comes to marriage rights or a government that beats around the bush. Individuality and fairness are pushed aside to focus on other issues. Gay citizen’s lives are being compromised to avoid focusing on our nation’s new Civil Rights Movement, but it is no longer about race, it is about love. Updating our Constitution will jumpstart the country’s rise back to the land with liberty and justice for all. As a living document, the Constitution’s opinions can change like our own. The Constitution should reflect equal rights when it comes to Gay citizens.
Quickly, the country of freedom became a country of discrimination. The Unites states used to be a place where people from all over the world would come to be free, to escape the chokehold of their previous country, and to receive opportunities their country could not provide. Our country thrived from these immigrations; it became the most diverse country in the world. It grew in size, population, and efficiency. It stayed this way for many years. Society began todevelop; the economy rose and rose until it seemed like the country’s peak was non-existent. But slowly, the opinions and ideas developed like technology did, quick and imaginative. These ideas were not supported by the constitution. African Americans wanted freedom from segregation, women wanted the right to vote and receive equal jobs. This led to the Civil Rights movement, where people fought for their freedom for the first time in US history. Amendments allowed the government to make small changes to our Constitution’s foundation. Amendment after another, this shifted our constitution so that it didn’t quite fit American society. At least, the U.S. was a free country again. Until the Gay Citizen arose and shook up the “nation under god.”

The United States is continuously changing. After the Constitution was written, Thomas Jefferson intended for it to be updated every generation, in order for it to fit society and to clearly state rights of citizens. Instead, the government started the amendments process where they would just make write-ins to the document. Today we have 27 amendments; the last was added in 1992. In 20 years our nation has withstood the Stock Market Crash, an economic downfall, multiple terrorist attacks, a war, a new age of technology, as well as a new generation whose modern view supports equality, big dreams, individuality. Through these changes, our nation is not on the same page, and our constitution does not discuss these issues, so the government does not have anything to turn to. Today gay marriage rights are left up to the states in order to avoid it as a federal issue, but this is a federal issue, its all one country. Our current Constitution states, “The Citizens ofeach State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States” (Art. 4 Sec. 2). The government pushes these issues aside when confronting them would greatly benefit society. Writing a new constitution that included today’s society would allow our nation to be more efficient, more equal, and overall regain the nation we once were.

The person someone loves does not change them as a person, it should not change the rights they have as a citizen of the U.S. These men and women were not only judged, they received torment, were victims of hate-crimes, and most were abandoned by their families and friends. In this time, these opinions were normal. They were a shock to citizens. The government refused to do anything to confront the issue. Activists emerged like Harvey Milk, the first openly gay male elected to an office. This was the beginning of the new Civil Rights Movement. It was the time in which gays came out of the shadows to assert their independence and fight for their rights that the government took away.
Social Media would provide a way in which people could throw out ideas for the new constitution. With over three hundred million (300,000,000) citizens, accommodating all of their wishes would be tough. As reported by CNN reporter Fareed Zakaria, “Iceland used social media, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to allow citizens to suggest ideas they wanted to see in their Constitution,” (Zakaria). From the drinking age to fishing laws, the ideas flowed in. The government took these into consideration when constructing the new document. “56% of Americans have a profile on a social networking site, 22% of which log onseveral times a day,” (Baer). What better of a way to get our nation’s future leaders involved in the present? This would let our Constitution support their views, and like Jefferson intended, it would keep our rights and laws current like the latest trend.

Revising the United States’ Constitution would settle the internal battle between society. Our country should be one that treats its citizens as equals, as it was originally intended. Our nation should go back to being a land where people could come to escape discrimination from lands. The U.S. needs to return to the haven it used to be. Confronting the issue of Gay marriage, as well as the issues of immigration, abortion, death penalties, as well as our justice system, would allow our country focus on escaping this modern depression and thriving from our new generation. It would be a contemporary base for our country to stand firmly on. United States: the land of the free and the home of the gays.


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