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Our Way of Government

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A few months ago, I wrote about the failure of the government in my country which involved corruption and lack of disciplinary actions. This time, another tragedy happened, and this time foreigners had been involved in the hostage crisis.

Whether we like it or not, negative reactions have been heard nationally and internationally. Again the same principle: blame it to the government. When will all these happenings end? Hope was in the air when the election was over, but no to avail. Are we still going back the same old story that change will never exist in our third-world country? So, pity the people who remain on and question matters that will never be solved. As a citizen in this country, I do not expect of overnight change. Maybe it is not on my generation to fulfill a good governance, but I still hope and pray that in the next generations, the authority of maximum judgment will prevail over whoever is liable for going against the good law of the government.

It is a sad thing that ordinary people suffered the most of it, from education to job, from unhealthy surroundings to no medical health care, from an unjust way of justice to poverty. All these things are the diseases of a sick society and it is what our country belongs. Children of our children will inherit when no change ever exist. In their own little way, small things do matter. It is not yet too late whether you are at thirty, forty or seventy or eighty. Philippines go! We can still be a proud Filipino ...


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