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Outlook Hazy, Try Again: Resolving to Change

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Some people have a mind like a diamond: sharp, brilliant, and rare. Mine, though it has its shiny moments, is often more like a Magic 8-Ball. I submit the question “Where will I be in three years?” and after thirty seconds of deep processing, a cryptic and glowing response surfaces: “Outlook hazy, try again.” Thanks a lot, brain.

Part of the reason for this, I think, is that I operate on the belief that anything is possible. Literally. Anything. Write a bestselling tragicomic novel about the complex inner lives of squirrels? Sure. (Game on, David Sedaris.) Open my own retail art shop/studio space in one of the most expensive cities in the world? Yes. Join the parody folk duo Flight of the Conchords and tour the world under the stage name Renosaurus Wrecks? Don’t rule it out. When I attempt to zero in on a clear vision of my not-so-distant future, the inevitable loss of at least a few of these possibilities becomes unbearable. This is where I get jittery; this is where the haze starts to set in.

My resolution this year is to let go of this ridiculous fear, and to courageously begin articulating to myself what I truly want out of life. Clarity about my own needs, desires, and goals will pave the way for actualizing them, and I’m getting antsy: it’s time to do. I no longer intend to let this fog of endless possibilities swallow and scatter me. Admitting my deepest desires is scary, but the alternative is scarier; and once they’re out, my nemesis, Hazy McFoggerson, stands no chance. I’ll watch it burn away as I move, step by step, in the direction of my dreams.

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