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The Palin Diversion

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I wonder if Sarah Palin is having those nightmares. You know, the ones where you aren’t prepared for class, you haven’t done your homework, or you are naked in the supermarket. Or is she so secure in her mission, her God-directed mission, that she didn’t blink for an instant when she accepted the VP nomination? What would it be like to have the sort of hubris that allows her to think her meager experience would prepare her for the challenges of the Presidency of the United States? Is this part and parcel of the expression, “God protects fools and sailors”? Could she be so naïve, so uninformed that she isn’t scared down to the bottom of her hockey mom high heels?

Why aren’t we outraged? We as women, we as women who think and care about the United States, we as women who know there are enormous and complex issues that need to be addressed by someone who has spent time addressing these problems—why aren’t we outraged at the outlandishness of nominating Palin? Sure, Palin has tutors and coaches, just like any kid about to take his SATs, but what doctrine are they feeding her?

How can she possibly process all this information as it comes at her for the very first time? How can she develop an understanding of nuance? Maybe it’s a bit much to expect, but when asked about the situation with Russia, I’d like a little more substance than she can see the Russian coastline. Russia is flexing their muscles in a way that we’ve never seen before, Putin gives me the cold sweats, and I want to know that my country’s leaders are making sound, informed choices. Truly, is that asking too much?

Come on, women, we cannot be so blind sided by the Republican nominee that we are allowing our selves to get bogged down in this media-hyped “feminist” battle. Didn’t the foremothers of the feminist revolution, Gloria Steinem and Betty Furness, want us to think on our own? Are we so awed that when an average one of us, someone who pays a mortgage and shoots wolves from a plane, and who is now chomping at the bit to run the world, that we can’t see this for what it is? A diversion. The McCain camp has brilliantly leveraged their mediocre campaign by getting us all hot and bothered over the feminist card.

There are huge stakes here and we need to stand tall and proud and unafraid and say, Sarah Palin isn’t ready yet to be the Vice President of the United States. Maybe someday, but just not yet.


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