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Happy New Year. Whatever. Look, I was looking for a parking place and there was a spot but it’s the most misunderstood parking place there is. You know the one I’m talking about, the one right next to the handicap spot. Yep, blue on one side yellow on the other. I told my wife that as long as the person on the blue side is handicap we could use it. She said; “you’re not handicap.” Yeah, I know. Grab the propane tank in the trunk and that new garden hose and carry it in the restaurant, pretend you can’t breath, you know, like you’re on oxygen. “You’re sick” she says. “OK give me the tank and hose, I’ll carry it in.”               

We went to another parking lot. I was ready to pull in a space and slammed on the brakes. There were a bunch of illiterate Angels sitting in the parking spot. I yelled, “hey you bunch of illiterate angels move it, it’s Angle Parking not Angel parking.” There’s nothing that says all or even half the angel’s are smart. Although, one of the angel’s snapped at all the others. “I told you it’s el and not le.” On a related note; I am very excited about little baby girl. I am suing the makers of the early pregnancy test though. I took the test and it came back blue. So we spent all kind of money decorating for a baby boy and had a girl. Am I wrong, but doesn’t blue mean it’s a BOY?


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