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Past Prediction of Catastrophes Are Rapidly Deteriorating Our World

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The recent crumbling blast that tore apart the bridge in Minneapolis was predicted in the past. The last earthquake that brutalized Indonesia was also predicted long ago. And the next great catastrophe we experience will also come from predictions written more than two thousand years ago. But how could scholars two thousand years ago, determine the future of today? Perhaps the gift of divine far sight was used in these predictions? Maybe, it was coincidental and none of these destructive events had anything in common. Or, each separate event was merely provoked by a cosmic imbalance forced into action, by our infinite galaxy. Personally, I believe these things are signs of something greater than human existence. I believe these horrible incidents are being ordained and orchestrated by the Creator of all mankind.

Throughout my studies of the Holy Bible, I have come to understand how much destruction our world will endure, during our life span. So much of what is written in the bible supports the events happening in our world today, its no wonder scientist have not found a way to summons the Almighty to court on charges of felonies assault and malicious destruction.

Nevertheless, there are many who support my assumptions and have found refuge in living each day to its fullest, allowing nature to do what it is supposed to do. But for those who chose to ignore the unfolding of history, time will never cease your fears.

During the time when the original canons were written, people strived to follow theories told by kings and emperors of early destructions to come upon the land, and began worshipping the god of their choice, in long prayers and offerings. Miracoulsy those tragedy’s have come and gone, leaving only minor remembrance behind.

9-11 was the pinnacle of for told predictions, and albeit much of society came together for a brief moment, to mourn and surveillance the debris left behind, that prediction has also come and gone also, only to be remembered. No longer do we talk about the lives that were lost, or the families that were torn apart. Nor do we question the reasons that caused the hideous exterminations.

But how can people in society become so vain in there thinking, to ignore what is so obvious? Surely man could not cause the earth to crumble and swallow thousands in seconds, or summons the wind to roar aggressively, as it funnels and regurgitates humans, thousands of miles from their homes.

People, wake up! The world is not our own. The sun rays do not come from scientist. The snow falls when it is told. The infinite rotation of the ocean, rivers, and seas are all systematically orchestrated by a “being” much wiser and more arrogant than man could ever be.

Personally, I know I live by the grace of GOD. No matter what comes my way, I know it is His will that will be done. Nothing I say or do, can evolve in my life – without the power of GOD.

His power is in my breathing. His power is in life. To assume you are more than the Creator of all things, helps the predictions from time long ago, manifest. M.A.N.>.I.N.F.E.S.T. Just as it is written, so shall it be.

Man infested every thing with his ignorance and filthy deception. Poisoning our world with watered down theories promoting scientific babble, just as it was written, it has come to be.

Wake Up! The next biblical prediction to ravish our world could very well call your number; whose name will you call out to when death knocks at your door? Father, God! Or, JESUS! Who ever you call, I guarantee, it will be to a supreme being.

We each have the power to predict how our world will end. Unfortunately, many of us are comfortable with the way things are turning out…it’s what they pray for. But for those who believe in the power of His might…glory is to the Creator. His word is our will. As it is written, so shall it be done?


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