Pennies and Sense

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True story …

My sister had borrowed my van and, before returning it, had stopped to get gas. She had gone in to pay the cashier, giving him a twenty-dollar bill. However, when the gas stopped dispensing, the tank read nineteen dollars and ninety-seven cents. My sister looked at the gas pumped, replaced the nozzle and headed back to the cashier.

“Sir,” she said, “I paid you for twenty-dollars worth of gas and only got nineteen dollars and ninety-seven cents worth. I am not making a fuss over the three cents you’ve kept of mine, but I am complaining about the hundreds of three cents you’ve taken or will take over the next few hours, days, years … ”

I’m sure you get her point …

“So,” she concluded, “I’d like my three cents, please!”

The cashier said he was unaware of the mistake, and gave her a refund … but correct me if I’m wrong … don’t they have to enter the amount of gas you actually purchase on the pump so that it will automatically stop at that dollar amount?

As my sister returned to the car, she kindly stated what had just happened to others.

“Verify your payment amount on the gas pump,” she called to any customers she saw coming in. “Don’t let them get away with cheating you!”

In short, make sure you get what you pay for … after all, enough three cents can equal a whole lot of dollars …

Yep! These are the times we are living in! Count your pennies … it only makes cents!


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