The Philanthropist and the Cockroach

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Once there was a beautiful city called New York, New York. The most beautiful of all the cities, with her bright lights and tall buildings; she was a city to be adored. Her massive arms stretched wide to welcome the many tourists that would come to adore her splendorous beauty. Thousands walked her busy streets daily, many as they hurried on their ways to work. No one would have ever expected the horror that would soon plague her greatness.

It was September the eleventh, a beautiful, normal day; a day that was nothing out of the ordinary, but buried in a house of concrete and mortar was a terrible and disgusting cockroach Osama Bin Laden, a creature so hideous that life as we know it, would forever change.  On that day, many lives were changed, thousand of unexpected Americans fell victim to his hatred. The nature of the cockroach is to hide and do their dirty work when the lights are off, or when you lease expect them.

For many years this cockroach slept in caves, on mountaintops as he constantly carried out his threats on the American people. But little did he know a philanthropist was waiting in the hallways of justice.

A leader, that was cool and calm to the threats of Osama’s ignorance for months he set the trap, baited the line and waited out his time. Soon the lights will be on, this cockroach will be gone. Never will American fear again; the philanderers hands just squashed the cockroach.

A tribute to all the souls of family and friends, you may be out of sight, but never out of heart and our precious memories. We love you.

President Barack Obama squashed the cockroach Osama Bin Laden.


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