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Polanski: What This Says About Crimes Against Women from 1976 to 2009

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I wondered why it took so long for authorities to catch a man that goes around the world shooting award-winning movies, American award-winning movies with American stars no less. The obvious was too harsh, that it was a crime against a young girl, and since it happened at Jack Nicholson’s house in the 70s, it was going to go the way of a majority of crimes against women in such circumstances, especially before the past ten years: it was going to be ignored. You can hear the publicly unspoken, but privately said: Boys will be boys, and boys with money in Hollywood even more so. And plus, thirteen isn’t necessarily so young in LA. And the even more disgusting, she probably wanted it on some level.

I have grown up in an era where I have been told I am equal to men, though I earn less than men for the same work. Where I watch male-dominated Congress fight over giving funds to legal medical procedures for women. And now I watch people, including artistic supposedly ‘for the underdog’ types wear badges saying, “Free Polanski.” A man that was charged with sodomy and rape of a thirteen-year-old, amongst other things, and was to be sentenced for having sex with a minor when he fled the US, believing he would not get the prison sentence he wanted. If it weren’t true, I could hardly believe this whole thing.

So basically Polanski had a deal and fled when it didn’t suit him. This guy has got balls. If he didn’t do anything wrong, he should have fought it and not taken any prison time. He should’ve fought if he was wronged. Instead he fled. And now asks to be released while it is pending. Now that is balls.

I saw the documentary that got people re-thinking this case, but I must say it only made me believe more fervently that justice was not done—for the girl or Polanski. He should have stood trial for rape and sodomy and giving a girl drugs and alcohol and taking advantage of her. This whole thing would not be the ‘injustice’ it has become. Or rather farce. He and his supporters, including Woody Allen, think that because of the judges ‘late in the process unethical change of sentencing opinion’ the situation wasn’t fair. I say the injustice is much earlier in this case, with the compromising of the charges and investigation into what actually happened. The deal making when a crime, a serious crime against a child, occurred.

It’s true that celebrity, Hollywood, and young girls have been a recipe for disaster for years. And while I do not know what is ‘justice’ in this case, I can only hope that now, for the now grown woman and Polanski, it will be reached.

Women everywhere watch with much anticipation to see how in the twenty-first century, a crime against a woman will be treated. Hopefully, this time, with an eye towards justice as the end goal. Come on, L.A., you can do it.


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