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Political Scandal Leaves the Other Woman on Top

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Political scandal can be devastating to a politician or political hopeful, but sometimes it does have a few benefits—at least for the other woman. Let’s face it, these women became famous because they had sex and we knew about it. Fortunately, for them, their dirty deeds did not lead them to a lifetime of shame and poverty. From the recently inducted Ashley Dupré to Donna Rice we found that “the other woman” stayed on top.

Ashley Alexandra Dupré
Ashley Alexandra Dupré, the call girl Elliot Spitzer hired, is likely to become an over-night millionaire. The musical tracks Dupré posted on (a priced-by-demand Web site) shot from nothing to 98¢ (the maximum price) within hours of the scandal breaking. It’s early yet, but we gather she’s just beginning her step up the ladder.

Monica Lewinsky
Monica Lewinsky, a household name after her romp with Bill, became a pop-culture fixation. It would have been easy for her to become suicidal and maniacal from all of the media ridicule. Instead, she became the topic of a New York Times best seller, wrote her own book Monica Speaks, started a company and launched her own line of handbags called The Real Monica, and had many Saturday Night Live appearances. She even hosted a reality show called Mr. Personality.

These days she travels low profile. She graduated from the London School of Economics in December 2006 with a master’s in social psychology. She may be known for something that’s not so good to be known for, but Monica took her love for Bill straight to the bank.

Jessica Hahn
Jessica, the PTL (Praise the Lord) Network secretary who was part of the sexual scandal with TV evangelist Jim Bakker, quickly cashed in on her fame. Religious or not (like many of her scandalous cronies), she posed nude in Playboy (numerous times), and is a frequent guest on the Howard Stern Show. She also appeared on Married with Children and fell in love. She was set to marry the co-creator Ron Leavitt before his untimely death this year.

Today, Jessica lives in Beverly Hills. Her scandalous behavior took her from a poor church girl to a rich playmate and celebrity.

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Gennifer Flowers
Gennifer had a twelve-year affair with Bill Clinton. She cashed in by publishing her memoir Gennifer Flowers: Passion and Betrayal in 1995. She posed nude for Penthouse magazine and has acted in two films. She has also appeared in several television shows. Before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, she was performing a lounge act at the Kelsto Club, an establishment she owned at the time. She now lives in Las Vegas and occasionally writes a column for Vegas Community Online called, "Ask Gennifer with a G." Her most recent moves include trying to sell the infamous answering machine tapes of her conversations with Bill Clinton. The rumored auction cost was $5 million.

Donna Rice
Donna is the aspiring model and actress who was romantically linked with former Senator and ex-presidential candidate Gary Hart. She initially cashed in on her fame and endorsed a denim line called No Excuses. She later became a born-again Christian and an anti-pornography activist. She is currently the president of Eight Is Enough, an activist group that helps victims and shields children from porn on the Internet and the author of Kids Online: Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace. She may have lost her job as a pharmaceutical rep back when the scandal surfaced, but the media frenzy surrounding her kept her pocketbook full.

They shed their tears, sold their stories, and turned their fifteen minutes into fame, money, celebrity, and careers while we spent our evenings laughing at their whacked-out stories, buying their books, and waiting for the next scandal on CNN. It appears even the political sex scandal is evolving. I expect we may have more men involved and not just women. On that note, women are said to be more prone to cheat and I must say we have more women in office then ever before. If the tables were turned, will we celebrate the man involved with the same fame and money as we do the women?  



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