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President Obama: Response to Speech

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President Obama,

I just wanted to respond to what I heard in your speech and my thoughts about society’s reactions.

I heard that we need to come together and change our attitudes. Americans have always joined when trouble emerges. American citizens are in need of help. I loved how you, the President, took that most “Sacred Oath.”  I love the words, “White, do what is right.”

Not only did we force humans to bow to “Whites,” but look what the “White Man” did to the people who already lived in this country. I love that Lincoln is number one.  

I suppose that we should feel sorry for Bush. I do not. I ask God to help me change my attitude toward most political leaders. Even Clinton’s adulterous affairs injured the “unity of marriage” in this country. When the “family” is in danger, our country will tumble.  

I am proud that you are my president, Mr. President Obama.


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