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The Presidential Race

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I was very unhappy when I heard that the South Bend Community School Corporation denied Hillary Clinton the opportunity to speak at Washington High School, then turned around and later gave Mr. Obama the opportunity to speak at the school during spring break. I could go on and on about this issue and say that instead of giving the line that it would obstruct the learning but would make that the safest school in the country, but instead I will talk about the other real issue.

I have a junior at Washington and was very unhappy that he, as well as all the other new voters or soon-to-be voters, were denied the chance to listen to what she had to say. My son did go to listen to Mrs. Clinton at a neighboring school district and city. He is putting forth an effort to listen and make an informed decision on the lines and promises Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama are spewing at us all. The real issue is that they are telling us about the problems they are going to solve. Let’s get real; everyone needs to take a look at what really matters, at least to me: gas prices, single parents, the extremely high foreclosure rates ... I don’t want to be told that Obama is not taking money from the special interest groups—tell me how he has raised so much money. I want to be told, without the help of Congress and all the others that are part of reform, how can they sit there and tell us that they will do all this to reform. The President is only a part of this reform.

Tell me how our country will rebound from the unreal gas prices that are sucking the middle class dry and making us poorer while the fat cats keep getting richer and fatter. I want to know how the President will fix the foreclosure rates. I want help keeping my home. I am a single parent and can’t get help from the government. Why, I pay taxes and work. I need a little help financially and am told no. I can’t believe that people who don’t work get all this help. Medical, financial, etc. These rich people need to realize that we pay for them to be in that office.

I have an even better idea. The President should only make the amount equal to the general population. Let’s take this one step further and mandate it that all elected officials, our Congressmen and Congresswomen will also only make the general yearly salary of the common folk. I know they will not go for that, but it’s okay for us ... How many Congressmen and Congresswomen are in foreclosure right now? I bet none. They don’t have to worry about what bills they are paying or if they will have enough to buy groceries, pay their kids’ school fees, or take their kids on vacation. I personally have never taken my kids on vacation. I can’t afford it. I struggle each and every day of my life to give my kids the life of the “American way.” I would love to take my kids on vacation every year, send them to private schools, buy them new cars, and afford college, but realistically that will not happen.

Our government, our elected officials, are there because of us ... We believe what they say and what they will do. Show me. Show me they can walk the walk and talk the talk. I want them to prove to me that when they say they will do it, that they will …


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