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Pssst! Big Butt

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Ever walked pass someone and heard a psssst?
It gives you a very uneasy feeling that you’re
the topic of conversation.
While on the playground watching the children have a good time.
I kept hearing Pssst as I tried to tune into what direction it was
coming from I notice two young boys around the age fifteen. They
were Hi-fiving and going whoop there it is. I was totally amazed at
the patience they gave to every Butt that went by. I heard words
like Bootylicious, Round the world throwback, pudunkadunk. and
baby got back. They were serious like they were on Butt patrol or
something. I thought to myself If they can grade women on the
a Butt scale I know their school grades got to be superb. So If anyone
ever need to hire Butt monitors, just go to your local park.


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