PTSD Stigma Follows Veterans Into Job Search

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According to Veterans advocacy groups, the proliferation of media coverage and military exposure regarding post-traumatic stress disorders, as well as traumatic brain injuries, has caused Veterans to become branded unfairly. Reportedly, businesses are hesitant to offer employment opportunities to former members of the military. Employers are allegedly concerned that by hiring a former military individual, they may be exposing the workplace environment to a potentially unstable personality or violence. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious anxiety disorder which can affect anyone who has been exposed to situations of overwhelming horror, utter helplessness, and extreme terror, but is most often attributed to soldiers returning from active combat arenas.

Most recently, a decorated war veteran, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against his former employer, following his termination on accusations of theft by deception and receiving stolen property. The charges were eventually dropped, due to lack of evidence, but the veteran was terminated and his reputation has been tarnished. The veteran reportedly suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and while it is uncertain if this was the basis for the dismissal, he is seeking damages for the financial and psychological harm brought on by his termination.

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