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I know people, trust me I know.
Everyone always is talking about it.
But I couldn’t help myself.
Racism. It’s everywhere.
I thought this was supposed to be the twenty-first century.
I thought we had a black president.
I thought people could date out of their race and not be criticized.
I guess I’m delusional.

I don’t think anyone should be racist … it’s dumb.
I’ve gotten to the point where if I hear a racial slur from you I’ll just kick your ass.
I’m so tired of it.
No one … absolutely no one has the right to be racist.
Not white people, not black people, not Latino people, not Asian people. No one.

Something that always comes up when I say this is that, and I quote:
“But black people do have the right to be racist, after what you did to us.”
Did you hear that?
“After what you did to us.”
Oh, I’m sorry …
Am I two hundred and forty years old?
Do I own any slaves?
No, I don’t.
People like that are looking for a reason to be racist.

One race that absolutely, positively, NO REASON WHATSOEVER,
Has the right to be racist is the white or Caucasian race.
Usually you see it with the traditional, southern people.
But it could be anyone.
I … I just don’t get it.
It’s the people like them that make everyone think,
White people are usually the racist ones!
But no, no, no, no, no.
That’s not it.
I live in Florida but my whole family is northern.
I was raised to respect all races.
I was raised to be open to befriend and date any race.
And I was raised to never ever judge because of someone’s ethnicity.
Talking about this makes me want to punch my wall.

Let’s move on.

There are hundreds of thousands of racist people out there.
And I apologize for only recognizing the black and white.
But it just seems to me they’re most affected by it.
Whether you’re Asian, Latino, Indian, Native American, white, black, or mixed.
There is no reason for it.
I hope that those people will be cured of it.
Ha, ha … yes, it’s contagious.
Its passed on from ancestors to your parents.
Do us all a favor and slap them in the face and BE ORIGINAL.
I think I feel a mind-change,
You guys rock.


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