A Rainy GK Expo Experience 2011

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I received a text message inviting me to become one of the trainers for IMG booth in GK Expo dated Oct.1, 2011. I volunteered right away knowing that the person I’ll be with is same with the community. But then I cannot let the opportunity just passing me by. That’s really the reason why I said yes… field training.

So it took me one hour and half in arriving at UST grounds in España, Manila. Though the storm Quiel didn’t hit Manila, scattered rains were drowning on that day. I entered at the gate, the Marshall stamped my wrist: GK World. Wow! Again, after a separation from CFC, I’m inviting myself to experience another GK Event.

Getting to the exact place was not easy; I had to ask several people and the rains and winds starting to pour in more. So thus make it hard for me, a lot of volunteers, from caretakers, kids, their parents, the GK elders, the students from different schools surrounded me. Text message from Ate Nida says: Parade Grounds. Grounds. Oh! there! So I went there! And it’s raining. And some pavers for the lane we’re just into construction. So there’s also the mud. Yes, the mud is all over.

No excuses to back out. I just arrived thirty minutes late from the exact time I advised. Wearing those red flat stripe sandals, I had to walk in the mud. Funny! Everyone is staring at me. Cause it’s like a hallway of mud in the grass. But it’s raining so I had to go through it! Like a child discovering another territory.

I was one step away from the exact booth when Kuya Matt called me. So there! I meet them, Tito Mon and Ate Nida. It was an invitation and giving out lectures of financial education. It was such a new experience knowing the same people in the community whom you’re sharing the concepts of financial education, the importance of saving the right way and knowing how to grow that money. It has to be shared with others too. Thank God I was there to help others.

And though it’s raining, we’re still continue to give out fliers to those whose passing by, great to meet some others trainers too. So I bought the classic cup of GK777 to protect my head from the rain. Ate Nida and Kuya Matt keep company as well as Tito Mon. The free chocolate drinks keep me warm. When was the last time I was in a grand scale activity like this, just three months ago. It’s amazing how God used opportunity to see the big picture out of it. The rain made the whole event so memorable. It’s great to be with them that day. I learned a lot. I learned to face my own fears from the moment I put my feet on the mud. Thank you so much Kuya Matt, Ate Nida, and Tito Mon! :)

Then I got my rewards in late afternoon! I was star struck to meet Fr. Paul Umuwedimo in person that I had to ask him to bless me and had myself photographed with him! Hahha! What a fan! And it’s such a blessing! :)

The whole day is a blessing! It’s the first day of October! Outstanding! :)


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