Rambling on the State of the Union Address January 27, 2010

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I am re-energized after listening to President Obama tonight! Being from Iowa, I have been blessed to have met the President twice, as well as Mrs. Obama in face-to-face conversation during the candidacy. They were then and continue to convince me they are the most approachable, interested, “real” couple to lead our country.

His comments tonight and concrete ideas for the future were delivered with excellence. I want him to continue to make changes in health insurance reform. Green jobs are important to me, the “recycling queen.” I wish we could get rid of party politics and just be Americans, so bi-partisanship resonates with me.

The bottom line is that he makes me feel he could sit in our living room and really care about what is happening in our lives. THAT’s what I want my president to be like—know what is going on and care enough to do something to help.

Yes, we can!


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