Recipe For Success

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Growing up in Victoria, British Columbia the daughter of Portuguese parents, Nelly Furtado was captivated by music and always knew she wanted to perform professionally. Having been surrounded her entire life by music, her natural ability blossomed. Her heritage, talent, beauty and raw sexuality combined to grace the star-struck public with the birth of an, as yet, un-named musical genre.

With the backing of DreamWorks Records, she launched her debut album, Whoa Nelly!, in 2000. Its sensuous throb transcended international boundaries, sexes, ages, and ethnic backgrounds to rocket the young artist to fame, gaining a following of such names as Elton John. The stage was set. She was catapulted into stardom becoming a part of the Lilith Fair tour which included such head-turning names as Sarah Mclachlan, Chrissie Hynde, and Beth Orton.

Additionally, Nelly has discovered and cultivated her songwriting abilities. This has allowed the singer to create a style which is uniquely her own. Her music pulses with primal African Beats, romantic Latin sensuality, upbeat Hip Hop sounds, and just plain naked sexuality kissed with just the right touch of innocence. Voilá! You have an enduring winning combination!

Even with her career in full swing, she has added another facet to her life. On September 20, 2003, she gave birth to a daughter whom she named Nevis. Nelly and Nevis’ father, long time companion and friend, DJ Jasper Gahunia, share joint responsibility for raising her. Nevis is one forth Filipino, one forth Asian Indian and half Portuguese.

Nelly’s engagement to Cuban sound engineer Demacio ‘Demo’ Castellon came to light in July of 2007. ‘Demo’ worked with Furtado on the production of Loose.

Her repertoire consists of seven award winning singles, all of which reached number one in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany and New Zealand. They include “I’m Like A Bird” released in 2000, “Turn Off The Light”, “Maneater” and “Promiscuous” released in 2001 and “Say It Right”, “All Good Things” and “Give It To Me” released in 2006. Additionally, the phenomenal superstar has recorded and released three albums. Whoa Nelly! was released in 2000, Folklore in 2003 and Loose in 2006.

What is Nelly’s opinion of her career? It can be summed up in one simple statement made by Nelly herself. “I am impressed when music matters, when genres are broken, when spirits are lifted, and when people make a difference,” she says. An incredibly profound message sent by a profoundly incredible woman.

The story of Nelly Furtado has only just begun. We look forward with great anticipation to a long successful future blessed with many more Furtado masterpieces.



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