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Recycling textile

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The person lives twice
Who lives the first life well
Robert Bereim

Waste disposal hierarchy call to reduce, reuse, recycle.
Starting with reduce, before buying ask yourself, do I really need it
We should reduce amount of waist going to landfill.

Recycling cycle

1. Consumers determine clothing, shoes, purses, etc., ate no longer needed.
2. Consumer donates items to charity or recycles with municipality.
3. Charity sales 20% of donated items at store front locations
4. Charity generates additional revenue by selling salvage materials (95%)

Nearly 100% of donated textiles are recycled. The materials separated into 3 grades: Usable Clothing (45%)
Wiping Cloth Grades (30%)Fiber Conversion Grades (21%)
Recycled textiles return to the consumer as home insulation, carpet padding, re-worn clothing and rags.
Shredded become filler for car seat.

Accordingly statistic, today each garbage bag in Halton Region consist 7% textile


Year Percent of textile recovered in the U.S.
1960 2.8%
1980 6.3%
2005 15.3%

There are several option to reduce, reuse and recycle textile and reduce the amount of waist going to landfill.
It in our hands to adopt higher living standards by recycling textile.


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