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Red Faces and Bad Manners for the Red States

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Laurie: “You lie!” Joe Wilson, the esteemed senator from South Carolina, yelled during UNITED STATES PRESIDENT Obama’s Health Care Speech on 09/09/09 (perhaps this was the momentous event everyone anticipated for the Triple Nine day?). I ask you “Can flying shoes be far behind?” Weren’t we proud that we didn’t live in a backward country where people felt comfortable tossing shoes at international leaders with whom they didn’t agree? Well, that little bit of pride is over. Senator Wilson, you have put us on a slippery slope. How in the hell are we supposed to invade other countries so we can show them how to live civilized if you’re going to heckle the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?

And why, oh why, must these morons always be from the South? I personally know smart, savvy, and well-mannered folks who live South of Mason-Dixon Line. Why don’t we hear about them? Maybe because they know how to live in a civilized society and not embarrass their fellow countrymen/women. I apologize to the entire world. Joe Wilson’s momma probably dropped him on his head when he was a mere ignorant baby. And I’m not even going to accept that as an excuse. And neither should the mistaken South Carolinians who elected him. Even though he deserves to hear “Throw the bum out!” at the top of your lungs, don’t sink to his low level. Just use your upbringing and politely vote his ass off the island.

elizabeth: I know that New Yorkers can say things they shouldn’t. But I can’t think of an example right now.

The only thing that came to mind when I heard what Bob Wilson yelled out to our president was “Liar, Liar—Wilson’s pants are on fire.” How rude! And did you catch the look that President Obama flashed over to the guilty gallery? I believe global warming was stopped in its tracks.

I don’t see them throwing shoes because they will be too busy inserting their size thirteen Florsheims into their mouths.

But the best part of last night’s speech was Husband Walter saying that the president did clear up some things for him on health care reform. I’ll let you know when he starts working on Obama’s re-election campaign. Of course, I will be overjoyed and heavily medicated twenty-four/seven.


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