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Red Rain

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One beautiful summer day, friends and I were having a house warming in their beautiful new home. There was the smell of fresh paint and hot charcoals on the grill as our husbands talked, waiting for us to bring out the chicken for the barbeque.

My girlfriend stood at a stately 5’10” to my 5’ no inches, so I was unable to reach the largest jar of honey sweet barbeque sauce I had ever seen, located on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinets. She easily reached over me to take it from the top shelf of her newly painted white kitchen cabinets, located right next to her newly laid white carpet in her all white dining room, next to her all white living room.

You guessed it. The giant jar of barbeque sauce slipped out of her hands and fell from the top of the cabinet straight to the floor, exploding like a hand-grenade right at our feet!

Both of us were covered from head to toe in sticky red sauce, as our husbands came racing in and proceeded to slip and fall in the gooey mess all over the formerly white kitchen floor. As we all stood there in shock assessing the damage, we stood in a rain of the now infamous barbeque sauce coming from the also formerly white ceiling.

The red sauce had propelled itself all over the dining room drapes, the dining room furniture, the ceiling, the art work, and the carpet. With unbelieving eyes, we could see the sauce had continued at a high rate of speed into the white living room, covering the carpet, the couches and chairs, as well as the white sheers on the windows.

With our husbands still laying in the floor (they were probably stuck to it), they began laughing at the sight of us dripping in the red sauce, standing there as if we were at the scene of a very morbid crime as red liquid relentlessly continued to drip from the ceiling, running down the walls and covering the floors, the cabinets, the counters and anything within a thirty-foot radius.

We were just relieved the new neighbors did not call the police after hearing the bottle of sauce detonating! We would probably all still be trying to explain what seemed to be one very gory crime scene! We still laugh about it today and so do all our children who came running in to witness the mess their parents had made that they could only have dreamed of doing!


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