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Remember When You Couldn’t Get a Loan?

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Nothing irks me more than a generation of women who roll their eyes when I say:

“When I was your age …” 

Now that we have entered a century where college kids get credit cards in the mail, it seems archaic to say, “When I was your age, women couldn’t get loans without a co-signer.” 

But the satisfaction is that today, yes today, women can do anything! Open accounts, invest, borrow, go into debt, you name it. 

And it happened because women in the 1960s and 1970s and even, 1980s took a stand for women’s rights.

I am asking you to stand up again. There are women in Ghana who cannot get loans. Joy2theWorld is a micro loan organization providing micro loans to women in poverty. Fifty dollars can make a huge difference. A woman can use $50 to build their inventory, purchase needed equipment, and hire staff. 

And here is what we have found. The women repay their loans on time. It builds their self-esteem. And gradually, the women believe they deserve the opportunity to borrow for their businesses. Then they gradually believe they deserve an education and good health care. 

Remember when you couldn’t get a loan? Well, now is your chance to provide loans to women. And they don’t roll their eyes. 


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