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Remission from Republications

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For almost eight years, a great many of us felt America had been hijacked by a team that governed as if it were above the law without accountability, treating us as children “meant to be seen and not heard.”

Homeland Security added to our insecurity. It was the government saying, “We know what’s best,” in the absence of evidence to support it. Infuriated and impotent, we signed online petitions, appealed to our senators, and made donations to organizations that reflect our values.

During these last two terms, countless books were published that affirmed or added to our mistrust of the administration. Sunday mornings on news shows, talking heads were shaking them while discussing liberties taken, serious mistakes, and deliberate deceptions by Bush & Co. “How is it,” a friend remarked with amazement, “that nothing sticks?”

For these reasons and more, this election was monumental. It had the euphoric effect of a doctor proclaiming, “The surgery was successful. We got it all!” The country has been cleared of its malignancy. We’re in remission from Republicans.

Though comics are carping that making fun of Obama isn’t easy, if Hillary is named Secretary of State, we’re sure to hear jokes that begin, “There was a black man, a Jew, and a woman running a country.” Enough with leaders who are fodder for comedians. We’re thrilled to stop laughing and have leaders who allow us to smile.


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