Residential National Convention

I went into Times Square this week to ask masses of Americans for whom they’ll be voting in the U.S. Presidential Election come November. And since it was Times Square, there was no shortage of crazy. Which was awesome! There was also a clear winner, which surprised me. I intentionally tried to ask people from all cultures, races, creeds, and social status, and still I was kind of surprised at the clear-cut result. It was also nice to hear a lot of intelligent answers in the mix, too. While I was incredibly annoyed (as usual) at the bustling, pushing mass of busy bodies that is Times Square or any tourist gathering in the city, I was also strangely proud of the diversity of opinion and intelligence—with just the right dash of absurdthat poured forth from my fellow Americans. So watch the video and then let me know, who do you want to win? Note to foreigners: just pretend you can vote on my site here, okay? Your vote counts. With me.



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