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Sally Sami

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Sally Sami stands tall amidst Cairo’s turmoil and chaos,
A dangerous struggle for this defender of human rights,
Placing her life, the very fiber of mortal essence,
In defense of Egypt’s oppressed people.
She is a rare breed, indeed!
Sally and many others,
Are fightin’ the good fight against tyranny,
Trying to procure democracy in a police state.
‘Tis a revolution for all humanity on planet Earth.
A battle for equality in a unjust society,
Striving for that holiest of beliefs …

The people of Egypt beckon,
A cry of the creed we instilled long ago,
Lest we not forget 1776,
Democracy in its purest form.
Kingdoms built upon injustice,
Inevitably, their dictatorships shall fall,
For the people will rebel,
Standing up for what is right and decent
In our world.
They shall voice and be heard,
For they will never fade.
They shall sing praise of that immortal need …
To live in peace and be free
Without hunger and political oppression.

Sally Sami is now the voice of democracy,
for I have heard her plead,
As have all of you.
We cannot turn a deaf ear nor blind eye
To the blatant acts of cruel rule.
For the freedom of a people that wants
The basic human values of civilization …
To come and go without being told.
The basic freedom all humanity wants,
And truly expects
In a free society,
In a free world.


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