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Sarah Palin’s New Birth Announcement

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It’s becoming harder to distinguish fantasy from reality. Responding to the buzz in the blogger world that seventeen-year-old Bristol Palin was the mother of Trig, the baby rumored to have been born to Sarah Palin, the most cynical Vice-Presidential appointment in recent history. It has been announced that her daughter is, in fact, NOW pregnant, too pregnant to have been Trig’s mother (unless, of course, the daughter has the same over-achieving gene as her mother).  

Alaska’s governor said her daughter will marry the baby’s father, which, thankfully, rules out John Edwards.  The other question this raises is who did the vetting for the Republicans?  The same people responsible who claimed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?

Change is the operative word in this election. Many of us are hungering for change, but it depends on what your definition of “change” is.  For a shocking look at time standing still, there’s the MDA/Jerry Lewis telethon, where unrecognizable men in shiny tuxedos wearing at least two pinky rings and throwing around the word “groovy” in a language that resembles English, are ogling young women with Las Vegas hair and complaining that the phones aren’t ringing.  Hell, they’re still using land lines!

What next?


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