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Sarah Palin – Women in Power

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As a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, I personally think that Sarah Palin is being unjustly persecuted by the general public because she is young, vivacious, articulate, and seeking the pinnacle of political prowess. She has proven herself successful as the Governor of Alaska, our biggest state. Granted the state is not overly populated as most other states, but it is pivotal in our economy because of it resources.

Everyone seems to be concerned about her ability to be a good mother and hold a high political office, but how many worry about the men in high political office? Are they able to be good fathers?

Look at Joe Biden. He has been a single father due to the death of his wife while serving as a Senator. He was applauded for being able to handle both positions. No one questioned his sons’ well-being during the time prior to his current marriage.

In this modern day and time when women are in some cases the breadwinners for the family, no one offers special assistance to the woman. We are expected to work the days and times required just like the men. Hopefully day care is available, but what about night work? If there is no husband or family to assist, then it is quite difficult, but we find a way to do whatever is necessary to get the work done.

My granddaughter was required to work overtime both before and after her regular hours by her company. She was told she would be fired if she did not comply. When she and the other women complained that schools were not open early enough to drop of their kids and day care closed before they got off and were able to get to the day care, the company told them “too bad.” They were told to get their families to pick up the slack for them and get the kids.

We have a young single mother working for us. She comes to work at 5:00 a.m. and gets off at 3:00 p.m. four days a week. She does not get child assistance from her former husband as he refuses to pay, so she has to work at a job where she will be paid the most money. She had to find someone in private home care to take in her kids at 4:00 a.m. each day so she can get to work on time. She takes her two young children, ages two and four, to the sitter while they are still sleeping.

At least in the case of Sarah Palin, she can have nannies to look after her kids while she works and still be close to be with them at times during the day. Occasionally she will be required to travel, but her husband can be there when she is not. At least she does not have to worry about health care for the kids.

As far as being qualified to hold the office of Vice President of the United States and move into the Presidency should something happen to John McCain, no one can honestly say yeah or nay. Does she have the ability to learn the job? Only her past experience can determine this.

How about Nancy Pelosi? She is in line for the Presidency should anything happen to the President and Vice President. Is she qualified for the position?

No one is qualified to be President of the United States unless they have held the position. When we elect people to be Congressmen and Senators, they have to learn how to handle the job.

I personally think that when women run for any position in power, whether in the political or private sector, they suffer from sex discrimination. Let’s face it. Men do not want to work for a woman. We also must convince a lot of women that it is good to have women in positions formerly exclusive to men.


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