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Sarah Palin On the Issues

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As a registered Independent in one of the most confusing election years of my voting time, I have taken great pains to research the candidates.

Let’s look at Palin on the issues:

No foreign policy.
What are you waiting for? Someone to tell you what to believe?

Believes in free market capitalism and reduced general fund spending by $124 million.
Okay with me; maybe she can help reduce our astronomical spending in DC.

Encourages small business growth by reducing their taxes.
I’m okay with that, as long as large corporations don’t sneak in on that tax reduction!

She said if legislation passed the death penalty, she would sign it.
How can you be pro-life and support the passing of death penalty?

She is against all forms of abortion except if the mother’s life was in danger.
So if I were raped or conceived from incest, I would have to have the child? Lord help us!

Says she is pro-contraception, pro-woman, and pro-life.
So she teaches abstinence, but thinks condoms are okay, but is pro-woman, but the woman can’t choose to have an abortion … .is she REALLY a woman?

Opposes sex-education in schools.
That sure worked well for her at home, didn’t it?

Opposes legalizing marijuana; it’s immoral.
But she sure as heck smoked it when it was legal! How do you spell hypocrite?

She believes parents can opt out of schoolbooks that their children are required to read if they find it offensive.
Why not just let them make a big ring of fire and burn them while you’re at it!

She thinks teaching creationism and evolution at the same time is okay.
Talk about confusing the hell out of our kids!

Supports teacher-led prayer in public school.
I’m okay with that … we all need a little faith in these times.

Wants to open up offshore drilling.

Open ANWR [Arctic National Wildlife Refuge].
I’m on board!

Admits Alaska is affected by global warming, but says the global warming is not man-made.
Is she bi-polar?

Wants to SUE the United States so they will stop listing Polar Bear as endangered.
Okay, so let’s spend needless money on a lawsuit for what? So they can kill Polar Bears and eat them?

Supported “Bridge to Nowhere,” but changed her mind.
It’s a woman’s prerogative to just flip-flop right?

Loves her guns, and loves to shoot as many animals as she can, so she can stock her freezer full of meat for the long cold winter. (Oh, wait, it’s always winter in AK.)

Supports ending DC’s ban on handguns.
Is she asking to be gunned down? DC is DANGEROUS even with that ban!

Wants more doctor’s offices around because that creates competition and better healthcare.
Not sure on this one!

Wants a bigger, stronger military.
I think too many of our children have died.

No views on immigration.
No one immigrates to AK, well, imagine that? She better take a stance soon! This is a hot-button issue!

May or may not have fired her sister’s ex-husband.
I bet she did it!

Blew the whistle on corruption in her own Republican world.
Okay, I admire that …

She’s non-denominational but believes in the bible and considers herself Christian.
This just means she doesn’t want to go to church and prays when she wants something.

As mayor in Mooseport, wait, that was a movie … okay, as Mayor, she cut property tax BUT raised sales tax.
Read my lips, no new taxes … not again!

She wants an exit plan for our troops at war, but doesn’t know that there is a plan to end the war.

Mandatory three-strikes and you are out sentencing for criminals.
I’m a supporter of YOU ARE OUT WITH ONE STRIKE!

I’m sorry, but I can’t get behind this VP … She told AK residents that she is a mother of five, so she knows how to multi-task, so don’t be afraid that she will forget her duties and obligations to AK. I think McCain’s circle just screwed the pooch on this one!

I cannot get behind any candidate, or woman for that matter, who thinks she is the best one for the job just because she is a mother, a self-declared soccer-mom … come on! I was on board with McCain until Sarah Palin was announced as his VP … and I actually researched and watched (gulp) Glenn Beck and (double-gulp) Ann Coulter … I guess Obama will be getting my vote …


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