Sarah Palin Speed Dates with World Leaders

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It’s “Meet World Leader Week” for Sarah Palin, who rushed through speed dates yesterday with Presidents Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and Alvaro Uribe of Colombia and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Reporters were not allowed into the room and there was no courtroom artist available so reports have been limited. Palin was heard asking Karzai the name of his one-year-old son. He explained that Mirwais means “the light of the house.”

“Oh, nice,” the mom of five responded. It’s not known if she shed similar light on Trig and Track.

After meeting with Uribe, she said, “Thank you for your work.” With no reporters on hand, we can’t know if she finished with her usual flip, “But no thanks.”

Her longest session was with Kissinger. During a photo op, he praised McCain’s tough stance against the Russian invasion of Georgia, to which Palin replied, “Good, good. And you’ll give me more insight on that.”

Meanwhile, Todd, aka “the first dude,” took the couple’s children to Ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty, ending up at FAO Schwarz, where Piper tried on princess dresses. Again, limited press access means we don’t know if the seven-year-old was in the maternity department.

Asked if the meetings made Palin more prepared to be veep, McCain-Palin policy advisor Steve Biegun parried, “I think she’s already fully prepared to be vice president.”

No one asked the follow-up question, “Then who isn’t?”

Be sure to sign the online petition demanding McCain make his medical records public.


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