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Scarred Two

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This story contains mature or graphic content.

As those that know and have read my very first article Scarred, I am a Viet Nam veteran. Yes, I do have my moments and have been slightly embarrassed by them from time. 

However, yesterday, Sunday, June 29, was a devastating day for me on the emotional side. No, I didn’t go off into uncontrolled hysterics or act like a complete ass and destroy things, what I did was get quiet, very, very quiet.

I am an early riser and as is my practice, I blindly find my way to the kitchen and put on that first of several pots of coffee for the day, then I go read the news on line, mostly at Yahoo. I was following some unremembered thread of news when happened to come upon an article written by an AP Journalist about Tran Trong Duyet, a former ‘jailer’ at Hoa Lo (The Hanoi Hilton) a North Vietnamese Prison in Hanoi, North Vietnam.

You see, I had the unfortunate occasion to be a prisoner/unwilling guest of the North Vietnamese Heroic Peoples Liberation Army. Commonly known as the ‘little bastards from the north.’ How I was taken prisoner is not important, and neither are the circumstances that came about for that particular battle.

What is important is that Tran Trong Duyet is a patented, pathological liar.

This … this … less than illustrious individual still denies that torture did in fact occur inside Hoa Lo prison.

However, he does become increasingly agitated when the subject of torture is brought up.

Now the reason I am laying all of this out is because yes, Tran Trong Duyet did/does know John McCain when he was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, and guess what friends … Tran Trong Duyet says that yes! he would vote for John McCain in the upcoming election. Well … bully … for … him!

Now then, I have no intention of even attempting to besmirch McCains name or his military record, that’s just what the Republicans and the Democrats would expect. What I am going to tell you is how it is to be a subject of torture as a POW. This is graphic, so if you don’t have the stomach for it, I suggest that you stop reading right here!

As a Marine, I took my conduct as a POW quite seriously, and all the little yellow bastards got from me was name, rank, and serial number. That action got me beatings on a daily basis. Those beatings came at the hands of the benevolent Heroic Peoples Liberation Army of North Vietnam, and those beatings were performed with hands, feet and long bamboo sticks and they were wielded by experts in their craft.

Three times I was offered a statement to sign that stated that I was a War Criminal. I was told that I would receive better treatment if I signed those statements, three times I invited them to sign my organ. Three times my beatings were longer and more intense.

In addition, I hand my hands tied behind my back, then a rope was tied to those cuffs and I was hoisted into the air to twist in the wind like a Christmas goose, my shoulders automatically dislocated, then after I was let down, my shoulders were relocated sans pain medication

I was also tied into a chair and violated with bare electrodes. I was fed very, very, very little, I went from a robust 155 pounds to 98 pounds.

I still bear the physical scars of that time in my life, today I am unable to lift more than twenty pounds above my shoulders, and when I was married I was unable to extend an arm to wrap around my bride at night, if I did, I lost all feeling that arm.

Tran Trong Duyet is a damnable liar! He is also a pathological liar and he still defends a regime that should have been crushed decades ago. Pitiful!

My message to him and all of his kind is this—it is your fortune that the United States no longer has the testicular fortitude to pursue you, arrest you, prosecute you for War Crime (torture of it’s prisoners) and convict you, hang you from you a gallows, however, Duyet and all the others like you. But one day, in the not so distant future perhaps, you will have to stand before one that is mightier than all the world governments melded together and then … then … you will receive that which you escaped on earth, you will receive your judgment … enjoy


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