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Senseless Tragedy: The Arizona Shooting Rampage

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It’s another mass shooting. We have at least one or two almost every year. It’s usually the typical scenario—some mental loner decides to take his psychosis out on friends, family, lovers, employers, etc. But this time, this horrible incident inflamed my anger more than usual. This time, my reaction was different, because this time, among the dead was a nine-year-old girl. A child. An innocent who was there with a family friend to experience politics in action. What she received for her curiosity was a bullet that ended her young life. This has got to stop!

Our society must come to terms with itself. Our contentious discourse over politics, religion, and how the world should be run must end. The terrorists are not just Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The terrorists are right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. They’re born and bred here. We are the terrorists.

Of course, nobody in America wants to call fellow citizens terrorists. Who wants to invite the wrath of others? No one wants that heat. Besides, that’s a term used to describe us in other nations. Right? Of course it is. Our denial is destroying us. Here, we’re “mentally ill,” “sick,” “abused,” or “off our meds”—anything but the word that needs to be used: terrorist.

The American government (regardless of who is in the White House) loves to lord itself over other countries telling them what to do and placing our values and ideals onto those cultures. I believe in democracy, but I also believe that other countries need to experience that on their own. The revolution must take place from within—not from us. We’re so busy telling other countries what to do and searching for terrorists there that the ones here are allowed to grow, flourish, and kill. We don’t see it coming until it’s too late. That’s what happened in Arizona on Saturday. That’s why things have to change.

What happened in Arizona shouldn’t have happened. Fortunately, the young man who committed that insanity has been caught and will stand trial. He needs to pay for his actions. No deals. No bargains. No excuses. He needs to be dealt with and a message needs to be sent to any future psychos. It is my hope that the survivors can recover and grow strong with this tragedy.  I send my condolences to the families of the six who lost their lives. I hope that Ms. Giffords, shot in the head, recovers and becomes an even stronger politician from the experience. And I hope the United States starts working on domestic terrorism with the same energy as international terrorism. One can only hope.


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