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September 11th: Ten Years Later

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Once upon a time, I was a Flight Attendant based in Boston and I worked with United Airlines. The sight of the plane crashing into the twin towers broke me, and made my head spin, that I too, a few times, flew from Boston’s Logan airport towards San Francisco.

Since September 11, 2001, I take nothing for granted. Simply waking up is a blessing. I value individual responsibility even more than before. My belief in liberty and individual freedom, faith in the self, and having self-confidence is stronger than ever. From time to time, I lend a hand at times, and commit to literacy projects, advocate for human rights, raise awareness to stop bullying, and have faith that my efforts will make a difference because they are but a piece of the patchwork.

If you’re to have faith in anything, have faith in yourself.

Every September 11, as the tears roll down, I pity those who lost faith in themselves to the point that they allowed themselves to commit such atrocious crimes against the many innocent people whose lives ended so abruptly and so viciously.

As time passes, I come to realize how much hate consumes the individual that hates. “Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life” as the world saw on September 11, 2001; pity on those who hate so much, those who fail to take responsibility, those who put their faith in holy causes so to have a front and blame others for their actions. What I hope to see is that one day, every human being will be free but not free from self-responsibility. Too often, religion and race, class, gender, and politics give human beings a reason not to disclaim personal responsibility.


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