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S.E.T.I Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence

I know science layman, professors, and scientists. I understand their passion and devotion. Their quest to discover the infinite possibilities of the universe … to find new life. To grasp the reason, “Why do we exist?” It’s human instinct … it’s mortal curiosity … it’s mankind’s destiny.

I joined the SETI@Home project for one simple reason … to full fill one man’s dream, one man’s desire!  To be able to explore the universe; to discover unknown cultures, to make first contact, and to be part of a greater purpose … SETI fulfils that need.

They say I’m a dreamer. Some say I’m unrealistic. I don’t care, because I believe! It’s egotistical to think we live alone in the cosmos. To paraphrase Dr. Sagan, “If we are alone in the universe, it sure would be a terribly a lot of wasted space.” Now that sums it up!


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