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Slaves to Cell Phones

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It seems that today everyone has a “cell” phone. There are all kinds of phones available and I think I have probably seen most of them.

People walk around talking to themselves and you think they have lost their mind until you see the phone stuck to their ear so their hands are free to do other things. They drive talking on their phones or answering text messages.

Everywhere you go you hear all kinds of sounds, ranging from regular phone sounds to all types of music and other unknown sounds, ringing the cell phones.

I have a cell phone myself, but only a few people have the number for emergency purposes. I realize that many of the phones people use are for business purposes. In fact, my son-in-law and daughter use their phone almost exclusively for their business since he does not have an office but makes service calls.

The use of cell phones has made a lot of people almost rude. They continue to talk on their phone when they are making purchases in stores. It is sometimes impossible to get the attention of the individual to ask necessary questions to complete a purchase transaction.

Teens have phones so their parents can get in touch with them at any given moment. However, the phones give the kids the ability to go any place they wish and still have their parents contact them. It used to be you had to be at a particular place with a land phone for the parents to know where the kids actually were.

Yes, I do believe that cell phones serve a good purpose, but they have changed the people who use them dramatically.


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