Small Things

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A tiny little insect was staring up at me,
Then fetched a little sandwich crust that fell from off my knee,
By time the day was through, he would use it to make stew,
And he’d feed his aunts and uncles and his wife and baby too.
In a tiny patch of water, kind of muddled and obscure,
Swam a dozen tiny tadpoles, long and squiggly that’s for sure,
With more water, there’s no doubt, they’d grow up and then jump out,
In a tiny patch of water, baby frogs would twist and shout!
With a tiny little grin, a poor boy took pad and pen,
And wrote a tiny little song about a “train a comin’ in,”
His new song made him a star in the Country Hall of Fame,
“Man in Black,” was his new name, all because of a small train.
In a world where more is better, we’d be wise to reconsider,
That the smallest gift of God can grow up to make us richer,
So while you’re looking up, you might start looking down,
Small things that matter most will be the biggest thing around!


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