A Small Village

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When my mom passed away, my life would be different in some ways. It all began for me in the small community of Winlaw, BC where I grew up with my two sisters and my mom and dad. I was the youngest in my family with my sisters both older than me which meant that they all had to look after me and make sure I was not in any trouble. I had a normal education where I completed my grade twelve and then went on to cooking school for a four-month short order cooking course, which I really enjoyed. I was able to find suitable housing right near the college with my cousin who I stayed with while taking the course. After taking the course and returning home to Winlaw, I was offered a job at a newly opened restaurant that was reopening under a new name in Nelson, BC.

Unfortunately, this position only went for two months and then I was let go to look for another job. In my search for similar work positions, I did not have much success in finding something steady and enlightening. Without a job, I spent most of my time at home with mom and dad in Winlaw. I still went to town to find training programs that would help people like me find good employment. Thankfully I did find some work in an nursery doing gardening chores that I really enjoyed for the summer time and fall for two seasons which gave me some extra cash to spend on things while living at home which made it more affordable for me to live without a full time job.

After spending more time at home, I was given the opportunity to take another course that would teach independent living skills some of which I had already with my cook training program which gave me incentive to keep healthy and fit. When I went through the Transitional Training program, I left to begin a new position in a town hall where I was a filing and errand clerk for the City of Nelson where I could use my office skills and become a better person for it with some training in different areas and a growing knowledge of the town. When this position was finished for me, I then went back to College and took some upgrading where I achieved good grades and made some new contacts in the church that I attended and in the community itself of Kamloops, BC. Once again, after going through my upgrading I was unemployed and looking for some work. I did manage to find some work that would keep me going for a short while but was not totally satisfying as my other positions were previously.

Feeling disgruntled I opted out of my job and returned home to Winlaw where I could find some peace and tranquility for myself. It was at this point that my dad became ill and needed more help with his getting around which my mom looked after until it was to much for her and then he was to much for her so he was redirected to a seniors care centre where he could get the help he needed. Mom and I then shared the house together and looked after one another. It was at this point that I decided to go for disability credit since my work positions were not making financial security for me at this time. When my disability credit came through after some waiting, I was then able to look after myself much easier and had more fun with my life. A short while later my mom began having difficulties in her life making it impossible for her to do some things that she could easily do before. My sister then decided that she should be in a seniors villa where she could live with some assistance with her daily tasks.

Now that my mom was in a Villa, I began to make regular visits to her and then come home again. This type of living accommodation was not for her so she took up residence in a more controlled environment where she could find the help that she needed at the time. Throughout her stay at the new living accommodation, I managed to see her and my Uncle, her brother at the same time who was also needing some extra help from the nurses who were there to assist them with their daily lives in whatever way they could. My mom did quite well here and eventually passed away while at this facility. For me this meant a change in my life where I had to pick up and find a new home with my cat Christopher. While going through our housecleaning process and having the home sell right away I was going through some inner turmoil with my sister who was doing the final preparations for everything that involved our family estate, which would be decided in the coming months. Much to my surprise, I found an angel in the wings who gave me hope and a new place to live where I could find a place for my belongings and myself in the village of Slocan, BC where I have taken up my new residence.


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