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So You Say It’s Your Birthday

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I have a friend whose birthday was last week. She really loves her birthday. She took the day off, had a facial, did some shopping, and rounded her special day off with dinner out with her husband. I have to admit. That really does sound like a great day.

My birthday was this week. I have a lot of wonderful people in my life who remembered it. I received a very funny card from my dad. On the front of the card is a little girl from the 1970s, hair in rollers, jammies, who is eating a bowl of cereal—obviously early in the morning. The child has the personified look of how I feel every morning at five thirty am before my double cup of Joe. Inside the card reads, “I wonder why the nickname ‘Sunshine’ never stuck?” It was very appropriate and caused probably the only pre-dawn laugh I’ve ever experienced. That is outside of those laughs elicited while coming into the house at five-thirty am from a night of partying anyway. Those were the days.

So everyone is asking, “What did you do for your birthday?” And this year, my answer is an unusual one. I gave myself a special gift this year. A gift I created and will use everyday (I hope) in the future. A gift that my friends can also use each day. A gift that I hope many strangers who will become friends will also use. A gift that is a piece of me, a look inside my head, and my heart. A look inside my life. Inside of me.

Yesterday, for my birthday, I created a new blog called Stepford Stories. It can be found at stepford-stories.blogspot. If you’re familiar with my writing, all the golden oldies are there. However, a personal blog also allows me to share other parts of my personality. Things I like to read, watch, and think about. It’s the best gift I’ve ever given or received outside of the gifts that are my children.

If you’ve ever thought about creating a personal blog, I encourage you to do so. There is a lot of blogger software readily available for free and its really easy to use. You can even link DivineCaroline into your blog so that you can easily switch back and forth without missing any of the fun that goes on around here. Creating the blog also tapped into a creative side I don’t usually access. My genre is really words, but I had to put on my design hat. True, I used a blog template created by someone much more creative than I, but there were still lots of little decisions for me to make. I had a genuinely good time deciding if light pink or dark pink looked best on a black background and what font was easiest on the eye.

I have increased respect for the wonderful creative and technical people at DivineCaroline who always make all our writing look so polished and professional. It’s not as easy as it looks. But, much to my surprise with all the ready made tools at my disposal, it was not as hard as I had anticipated either.

Happy birthday to me!


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