Speaking for Those That Cannot

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Lately, when you pick up a newspaper or turn on the television, it almost breaks your heart to see and hear of puppy mills and breeders that are just out to make a dollar. You can almost find them everywhere, I’m not calling names, but there’s a popular list everyone knows of. I place my ads there and just wait to see who or what I may find. Needless to say, this week I was sickened by what I found. Some of these people need to be locked up in the same conditions these animals are. I saved a bird that was in serious need of medical care; she had been seriously neglected. Severely underweight and could barely stand on her own. Her nail had grown to the point where she could not stand properly. And was dangerously dehydrated. When I confronted the breeder the next day of the bird condition she turned the tables on me. People who have no knowledge of taking care of animals properly get aggravated when confronted with the truth. I asked what kind of vitamins the birds whereon she did not know they needed vitamins. I informed her on the seed diet she was feeding the birds, letting her know that Walmart seeds are good sometime but not good as a regular diet everyday.

She informed me that the bird I purchased ate frozen vegetables; imagine that, frozen. I want them to remember my face and learn my name, I will be out there running my ads from {will trade a bird for car} believe it or not that’s where I get all the weirdos. How can someone that claims to love their pet trade it for something like that. But I get a call from breeders that just want to make a quick dollar. They call and want to know how many birds I have to trade? Are they in good breeding condition? I have a client that’s looking for that breed of bird. How soon can I get the bird? When I find a breed such as a macaw or cockatoo for less that what the bird is valued a light goes off, and I obligated to find that creature, because chances are that bird has been neglected, or seriously ill. Breeders and Money Makers off of poor defensive animals I am out there along with thousands of others we are going to close you down. Clean up your filthy conditions, these are animals with feeling too. Money is not everything God gave us these creatures to enjoy their beauty, not their agony.


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